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Bio Secure Ozark Shavings animal bedding salmonella free

Bio Secure

Bio Secure was designed to provide you with the safest animal bedding available. Each production run is tested by a third party facility and is guaranteed to be free of salmonella at the time of shipment.

Mini Flake Ozark Shavings animal bedding


Mini-Flake animal bedding is composed of our smallest sized pine shavings. Designed for use with small animals and birds, these dust free pine shavings offer a greater ease of use with the smallest amount of waste.

Premium Blend Ozark Shavings animal bedding

Premium Blend

Premium Blend is a versatile animal bedding that can be implemented into about any farm. It is ideal for show pigs and any other large livestock, the pine shavings are comprised of primarily large pine flakes.

Select Blend Ozark Shavings animal bedding

Select Blend

Ozark Shaving’s Select Blend is comprised of small to large pine flakes. The select pine shavings are ideal for large breeder farms as well as for bedding in nursery stalls for young calves, folls, and even kennel dogs.

All of our trees are harvested and processed locally in the Ozarks
and come from properly managed & sustainable forest.

Our Promise To You


We have taken the manufacturing of southern yellow pine shavings to a higher level. Ozark Shavings has utilized every part of the tree. The bark is sold for mulch, the dust burned for fuel and the remainder of the tree is bagged for shavings


We adhere to exceptionally high standards during production. The health and comfort of your prized animals is our biggest concern. To that end, we have refined our production process to give you the highest quality flakes to line your animals’ beddings.

All Natural

100% of our products are produced from southern yellow pine trees found in Missouri. Our products contain no added chemicals, no manufactured fillers, and our Bio-Secure products are tested to insure there are no contaminants that may cause salmonella.


Satisfaction is key, and we know you will be completely satisfied with our products. Your animals need bedding that is safe, comfortable, and healthy for them and for you. We provide a product that will exceed your expectations, guaranteed!

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