Naturally Made

100% of our products are produced from southern yellow pine trees found in southern Missouri. Our products contain no added chemicals, no manufactured filters, and our Bio-Secure products are screened to insure there are no contaminants that may cause salmonella. 


Ozark Shavings adheres to exceptionally high standards. The health and comfort of your prized animals is our biggest concern. To that end, we have refined our production process to give you the highest quality flakes to line your animals' beddings. 

It's a Matter of Choice


Ozark Premium

Ideal for Show pigs, Studs, and Foals. 100% kiln dried. This show quality flake is virtually dust free and

super soft for maximum cushioning for all your animal needs. Each 2.3 compressed bale spreads to 8

cubic foot and is very absorbent.


Ozark Mini Flake

Mini Flake is the smallest most absorbent flake we produce. Due to the size of this product it offers best

clumping and odor adsorption. This flake is 100% kiln dried and is ultra-absorbent. Mini flake is

primarily used for the Equine business but it is used in some poultry farms. Great for sifting stalls.

Each bale expands to 4 cu ft.


Poultry Plus (Medium Flake)

Poultry Plus is designed for the poultry and pork industries. 100% kiln dried. Each 2.3 compressed bale

Spreads to 5.5 cubic feet. Less coverage than the Premium Flake but it is more absorbent and very fork



Bio-Secure Animal Bedding

Ozark Shavings is a leader in southern, yellow pine shavings markets. Our objective is to develop and promote products that meet or exceed your expectations. For use with high value animals and poultry, Ozark Shavings has developed Ozark Bio-Secure. This is produced in accordance with strict protocols and procedures for the prevention of various salmonella species. 

Each production run is sampled  with the results tested by a third party facility and is guaranteed to be free of salmonella, at the time of shipment.