It's a Matter of Choice

Premium Blend

The Premium Blend is a versatile animal bedding that can be implemented into farm. Ideal for show pigs and other large livestock. These pine shavings are comprised of primarily large, pine flakes. 

Used by countless farms and ranches across the country, this bedding has the highest customer satisfaction rating, with users ranking it "the best animal bedding available."

Pick Ease Mini Flake

Our Pick Ease Mini-Flake animal bedding is composed of our smallest sized, pine shavings. Specially designed for use within the equine and poultry market, these pine shavings offer a greater ease of use with the smallest amount of waste. 

Due to the size of this product, the shavings offer best clumping and odor absorption. 

Poultry Plus Small Flake

These select pine shavings are ideal for large breeder farms as well as for bedding in nursery stalls for young calves, folls, and even for kennel dogs. This is due to the excellent composition and superior flake quality. 

Designed for larger livestock, these shavings offer a great alternative to traditional hay or straw bedding. 

Bio-Secure Animal Bedding

Ozark Shavings is a leader in southern, yellow pine shavings markets. Our objective is to develop and promote products that meet or exceed your expectations. For use with high value animals and poultry, Ozark Shavings has developed Ozark Bio-Secure. This is produced in accordance with strict protocols and procedures for the prevention of various salmonella species. 

Each production run is sampled  with the results tested by a third party facility and is guaranteed to be free of salmonella, at the time of shipment.