Quality Matters

Here at Ozark Shavings we strive to bring our customers the best bedding on the market because your animals are worth it.  No matter what size shavings you prefer our production process is second to none.  Our special process allows for all our shavings to be heated over 700 degrees through a triple pass dryer then screened several times to eliminate debris, dust, and other allergen that can affect the health of your prized animals and pets.  This unique process eliminates mold spores, e-coli, and salmonella for a safe, fun, and healthy environment.

It's a Matter of Choice


Ozark Premium (Large Flake)

Ideal for Show Pigs, Cows, and all Equestrian breeds large and small. 100% kiln dried. This show quality flake is low in dust and

super soft for maximum cushioning for all your animal needs. Each 2.3 compressed bale spreads to 8

cubic foot and is very absorbent.


Ozark Mini Flake (Small flake)

Mini Flake is the smallest most absorbent flake we produce. Due to the size of this product it offers best

clumping and odor adsorption. This flake is 100% kiln dried and is ultra-absorbent. Mini flake is

used for the Equine business and poultry farms. Great for sifting stalls.

Each 2.3 bale expands to 4 cu ft.


Poultry Plus (Medium Flake)

Poultry Plus is designed for the poultry and pork industries but also works well for day to day bedding for the equine industry as well. 100% kiln dried. Less coverage than the Premium Flake but it is more absorbent and very fork friendly. Each 2.3 compressed expands to 5.5 cubic feet.


Premium Mix (Combination)

The Premium Mix is the very best of our products in one bag. 

It is 100% kiln dried. This flake has turned

into a customer favorite for Equine, Pork, Lamb, and Cattle. 

It has also crossed into the domestic pet

fields as well, used for dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs.

 Each 2.3 cu ft compressed bag

spreads to 6 cubic feet. Premium Mix is absorbent and offers great bedding flexibility for all animal