Key Benefits

We use a hands-free process resulting in a sanitary, bio-secure, quality product that is by far the best on the market.

* 20 percent more absorbent, holding up to 4 times more it’s weight in liquid.

* Eco- friendly bedding is priority for a cleaner environment. A cleaner environment means your animals have less risk of exposer to bacterial contaiminents. Our shavings are virtually hypo-allergenic and safe for all animals needs.

* Reduces the risk of upper respiratory and related bacterial infections due to dust.

* We manufacture all our shavings under strict protocols and procedures to ensure there is no salmonella, mold, or particles that may contaminate our product. We dry our shavings at 700 degrees through a triple pass dryer to ensure quality. Our technology for shaving and bagging is second to none in the wood industry.

* Pine, as cited by the US Department of Agriculture, also has the benefit of being a natural repellant for mosquitos, ticks, and flies.

Ozark Shavings is committed to a non-waste policy to help save the environment in which we live and work. Every log we harvest is used right down to the dust for a greener future for our children.

We consult with forestry experts to ensure our forests are re-planted and cared for, to protect our precious resources.