Our Family

Keeping it clean

Sanitation in our agricultural efforts is more important than ever.... Ozark Shavings plays their small part with pine shavings for market ready pork, poultry and beef.

Our children, our past all included a special friend

Keep our little friends in every apartment, condo, trailer or house comfortable with  the Ozark Shavings' "Premium" flake.

The beauty and purpose of all animals

Responsibility for the care of domesticated animals falls on our shoulders; use what is best.  A favorite of equestrians  every where are Ozark Shavings' mini-flake. Ease of clean up, lightweight, and compostable!

Chuck Wisdom

Chief Operating Officer



Ge Rogers

Sales and Marketing Team Manager

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About Us

The Ozark Shavings Standard

Ozark Shavings Company, LLC. Licking, Missouri is deeply rooted in forest ownership and manufacturing. 100% of our shavings are produced in our facility, allowing maximum quality control. Ozark Shavings offers four sizes of bedding products. Each type has different characteristics providing you with a range of performance options. All are products from sustainable forests and manufactured for high absorbency, low dust content and packaged in clear bags for your approval prior to purchase. The Ozark Shavings Standard is for you to be satisfied and not disappointed with your purchase.

The Ozark Savings Difference

At Ozark Shavings, we have taken the manufacturing of southern yellow pine shavings to a higher level. Ozark Shavings utilizes every part of the tree. The bark is sold for mulch, the dust is burned for fuel, and the remained of the tree is bagged for shavings. Our shavings are triple screened to remove the dust, providing customers with a healthy environment for their livestock. Our bedding is quality tested, multiple times each day, to insure our absorbency and flake sizes meet your expectations. Ozark Shavings does not mix by-products, from other location, with our shavings. Finally, you can see into every bag before you purchase it. Ozark Shavings wants to earn your trust with every bad we produce.