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Because we care about our community and its livestock, we annually participate in Rodeo events. We often sponsor the FFA, and 4H. Together we have provided the event with our pine shavings, and gather public testimonials. While the horse riders rode their quarters, they also loved our products. 

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Client Testimonials



Ozark Shavings Company, 

Thank you so much for the donation of shavings to this year's camp. It takes many people and businesses working together to make camp a success! 

2018 was a fantastic year at Trail to the Cross Rodeo Bible Camp. We had our biggest week with 112 campers attending. Thank you to all the people who gave of time and finances to make this week possible!

We were blessed with a dry week, great weather, and overall safety. Minor injuries only! 

Much progress was seen in the rodeo arena with lessons learned there but most importantly, many kids made decisions to accept salvation and follow Christ. Many others rededicated their lives to Him and others were baptized. 

This camp is a blessing to all involved and thank you again for your part in making it possible! or Like us on facebook to find out about upcoming events - October 13th trail ride is on the calendar!

God Bless! Trail to the Cross - Chapter of Rodeo Bible Camps of America  - PO Box 853, Salem, Mo 65560.